YT by click Search box

Today I am going to show you a few advanced options of the built in search box.
search box screen shot
The search box you have on the toolbar is powered by google or bing(depends on your country, you can not switch between them).
In order to use the searh box, just enter whatever you want to search inside the search box and click the search button or press “enter” on the keyboard and a search result page will opened.

How to set the toolbar search box to youtube search

For searching inside youtube you don’t need to enter anymore. You can do it easily whenever you like.
Set the toolbar search box to youtube search by clicking the small arrow to the right of the search button and start searching your favorite videos in youtube.
youtube search
You can find more details at the guide - How to set the toolbar search box to youtube  search

Other options of search box

You can set the search box to a lot of advanced specialized search -

  • Apps – Search for a new app in Conduit marketplace. App is a button you can have on your toolbar. You can add games apps, music apps facebook apps and a lot more!
  • Videos – Search for videos with Google/Bing search engine.
  • Images – Search for images with Google/Bing Search engine.
  • News – Search for news with Google/Bing Search engine.
  • Dictionary – Search in a dictionary with “The free dictionary” web site.
  • Software – Search for a new software in “Softonic” web site.

Cool tip

  • Mark a text on a web site page and the text you marked will be inserted automatically into the search box.

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