Lyrics by Click!

So far we had the pleasure of serving you the easiest way ever to download MP3′s and videos from YouTube.

We are excited to announce our great new button: The get lyrics button!

Now it’s possible to get lyrics for every song on YouTube.
Getting lyrics for YouTube songs has never been more simple!

How to get the lyrics?
1) Enter your favorite YouTube video.
2) click the “get lyrics” button.

Thats it!

Learn the lyrics of your favourite songs
Have you ever heard that song you like and thought: “I wish I knew the words?”.
Learn the songs that are special to you. Get the most out of YouTube!

Learn english
One of the best methods to learn foreign languages is by listening to songs while reading their lyrics.

Karaoke Party

Planning a private karaoke party? Use our “get lyrics” button!
This is the fastest way to get lyrics for all the songs.

Download HD videos from youtube

We are happy to announce our new toolbar button: “Download HD video”.

As you know YouTube videos comes with a variety of qualities. Our old “Download Video” button downloads the videos in YouTube default quality. With “Download Video HD” you can download the video with the highest quality available!

But what if i prefer the default quality?

That’s not a problem!

You can still use the old “Download video” button and download  with the default YouTube quality, which will take less time and less space on your hard drive






Create youtube playlist with our free toolbar

Alot of my friends asked me whether it’s possible to create a youtube playlist with all of their favorites youtube clips, and listen to them continuously, without downloading them to their computer.
In addition to our main features: Downloading youtube to mp3 and mp4, We created a solution especially for that! It’s for people who wish to create their own online youtube playlist and listen to their favorites clips online whenever they want without the need to download anything!

It’s simple and easy to use

  • One click to add a youtube clip into your playlist.
  • One click to listen to all your playlist.


How to add a clip to my youtube playlist?
Go to to the youtube clip you wish to add and click “add to favorites” :
Create youtube playlist
How to listen to my favorites?
Click the “My videos” button () , and you will see all your favorites youtube clips.
You can click the button to listen to all your favorites song one after another.
No youtube advertisements
The “My video” button will play all your playlist without youtube advertisements!
My recent videos
How often does it happen to you that you want to watch a youtube clip that you watched 5 minutes ago, but you’ve forgot it’s name and have to search it for a long time until you finally find it again?
With “my recent videos” you can easily navigate to your recent viewed youtube clips.